Real Juice, Real Fruit,
Unreal Flavour!

Only the finest Tasmanian apples!

Welcome to Spreyton

Spreyton Fresh is a small family owned Tasmanian company producing & distributing Premium Quality Fresh Fruit & Juices.

Orchard production began 4 generations ago in 1908, when our Great Grandparents established one of the first apple orchards in the Mersey Valley, Spreyton. Our families have been supplying the highest quality apples, pears and cherries to the people of Tasmania, mainland Australia and the world ever since.

Following a downturn in juice apple prices in 1997 we decided to begin juice production in 1998 to provide an alternative marketing avenue for the fresh apples grown on our family orchards.

We produce fresh Tasmanian cherries, picked fresh from early December til the end of January each year.

2012 has seen some exciting changes and we have commenced production of a range of alcoholic apple and pear ciders. These ciders are available to purchase via mail order, with delivery to all areas of Tasmania and mainland Australia. Please visit our Spreyton Cider Co website, for more information,
or feel free to contact us.

About Spreyton Fresh

Remember when fruit juice was just that, real fruit, real juice and un-real flavour? At Spreyton Fresh we believe that’s how juice should be. That’s why today, we make the tastiest of juice from only real fruit, just the way it should be.

Tasmania’s temperate climate produces arguably the best apples in the world, which we turn into the finest apple juice in the world. When you purchase our apple juice, you can be sure of a product containing only the best quality apples that are still crisp with good brix levels. If you wouldn’t eat them we wouldn’t juice them!

Our Apple Juice is made from 100% Tasmanian apples, with the majority grown on our own orchards using biologically sustainable systems. There is no filtering out of the fibre, no artificial flavours, no added water or sugar –  just juice, pure and simple.

Made fresh every week, we cold-press the apples, micro-flash pasteurise and cold fill to retain flavour. That means we don’t cook all the goodness out of the fruit and gives a product that still tastes like fresh apples rather than stewed apples. To achieve a reasonable shelf life both preservative and refrigeration are needed, this controls wild yeasts in the juice and prevents the juice fermenting.

Our Juice Range

Our juices are a product of years of fine tuning in order to achieve the best possible taste and quality. Some of the reasons our juice tastes so good are:

Apple Juice – It takes 3 kilos of apples to make a 2 Litre bottle of Juice, taste the apples in season at the time of production.
Orange Juice – We use only Australian Oranges sourced from Mildura.
Australia.Pineapple Juice – We use Australian Pineapple concentrate when available.
Apple & Raspberry Juice – We use Tasmanian Apples & Tasmanian Raspberries.
Apple & Orange Juice – We use Tasmanian Apples and Oranges sourced from Mildura.
All juices are made on site at our factory at Spreyton, Tasmania.

Apple Juice

Available in
4ltr Catering /Bottle
2ltr Bottle
300 ml Bottle

Orange Juice

Available in
4ltr Catering /Bottle
2ltr Bottle
300 ml Bottle

Pineapple Juice

Available in
4ltr Catering /Bottle
2ltr Bottle

Apple & Raspberry

Available in
2 ltr Bottle

Apple & Orange

Available in
2 ltr Bottle

Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar

Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar is made from the same great fruit as our award winning fresh, cold pressed apple juice. Fresh juice is fermented into apple cider and then to vinegar using carefully selected strains of yeast and acetobacter bacteria to ensure we achieve a premium Apple Cider Vinegar that is softer on the palette than more commercially produced vinegars, yet retains all of the healthful properties associated with this wonderful product.

Once the vinegarisation process is complete the vinegar is allowed to age on the vinegar mother before being bottled. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurised in order to maximise its health benefits. As a result our vinegar may contain traces of “Mother” and other settled solids in the product, this is normal and a sign of a quality live vinegar.

The live bacteria in Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar are reputed to be a beneficial addition to your body’s intestinal flora. Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful body alkaliser, maintaining an alkaline body promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and serves as a strong first line of defence against all manner of diseases. Many health practitioners advocate the daily use of Apple Cider Vinegar as a general health tonic and an aid to many specific health issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar was a staple part of our grand mothers’ kitchen and the bush doctor’s tool kit, among many other things it has been reported to be beneficial for:

Reducing sinus and chest congestion
Improving digestion
Reducing appetite
Improving the metabolism of fat
Skin and hair disorders
Helping to ease the symptoms and duration of sore throats
Stopping hiccups
Lowering Blood Sugar
Treating fungal infections

On top of all these health benefits Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar tastes great and is a
wonderful addition to a wide range of salads and cooked dishes.
As a tonic take 1 Tablespoon diluted in water or Spreyton Fresh Apple Juice
every day before breakfast.

Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar contains no concentrates, additives or preservatives,
it is unfiltered and unpasteurised to deliver maximum flavour and health benefits.
Ingredients: Unfiltered Naturally Brewed Apple cider Vinegar, (contains traces of vinegar mother (acetobactor)). Minimum 5.5% Acidity.

Available in 500ml glass bottles, individual or cartons of 12 x500ml, and 4L plastic catering packs, individual or in cartons of 3 x 4L.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses and other livestock

A few reasons why Spreyton Fresh Apple cider vinegar is of benefit to you and your animals.

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent source of Potassium and other trace minerals, horses and cattle will sometimes chew the walls of their stalls as wood contains potassium, feeding ACV often reduces or eliminates this behaviour. Minimum 5.5% Acidity.

Adding ACV to your stock’s drinking water helps to purify the water as the vinegar kills many of the micro organisms that can flourish in stock troughs.

Intestinal stones called enteroliths, can develop in susceptible horses which can cause blockages that require expensive surgery. Since the ingestion of vinegar increases the intestinal acidity in horses, it helps prevent these stones from forming according to veterinary researchers at the University of California at Davis.

While being acidic in the gut ACV has the effect of alkalysing the body and blood of your horse and other livestock, many diseases cannot survive in an alkalysed environment, so feeding ACV regularly can help to reduce the incidence and severity of infections and other illnesses.

Another benefit of feeding your horse apple cider vinegar is to make the horse less attractive to flies and insects. Some specialists believe that horses sweat the vinegar out so that it becomes a natural horse fly spray.

Insect bites not only cause your horse itchy discomfort, they can be areas where skin bacterial and fungal infections can occur. As well, some types of hives are commonly caused by insect stings or bites. They can cause other health risks by spreading such diseases as West Nile virus, encephalomyelitis viruses and equine infectious anemia.
Never use a commercial fly repellant containing DEET on horses (or other animals) since it can be absorbed or ingested by them and cause unwanted toxic side effects.

For those who prefer not to use insecticides for horse care, especially on foals less than 12 weeks old, try feeding your horse ACV and make up your own vinegar based natural horse fly spray that you can rub or spray onto your horse’s coat as needed:

Full strength apple cider vinegar can be rubbed directly into the horse’s skin around a ringworm infection. Ringworm is an infection of the skin and hair by several types of fungi (not worms). Rub in thoroughly two or three times a day for several consecutive days. This is especially useful for ringworm infections that are too close to the eyes to use a copper wash.

Thrush and other foot fungus infections can be greatly reduced by a regular spray or soak application of apple cider vinegar to the sole and frog of your horse’s feet. By making the hoof area more acidic, fungus is no longer able to grow well there.

A general horse hoof soaking solution can be prepared by adding 1/4 cup (60 ml) of apple cider vinegar to 4 litres of water. The vinegar application will, at the same time, speed up the healing of any other foot infections or bruises your horse might have.

Sizes available 5L Plastic Jerry Can, both individual or in cartons of 3 x 5L 20L Drum.
Bulk sales available filling own container 200L Drum or 1000L Cube.

Spreyton Fresh Cherries

Spreyton Fresh grows, harvests and sells fresh Tasmanian cherries.

These cherries are available from December through to January.
Please call or visit the orchard to order

Our cherry harvest requires seasonal workers over the summer. Please contact us for more information.

Where to find us

How to reach us

Head Office/Juice Factory

96 Sheffield Road
PO Box 2010 (For all post)
Spreyton Tasmania 7310
Ph: (03) 6427 2125
Fax: (03) 6427 2679


Fruit & Juice Sales
289 Tarleton Road
Spreyton Tasmania 7310
Ph: (03) 6427 2393
Fax: (03) 6427 3987

Cidery Address

Cider Tasting & Sales, Cherries & Juice Sales
6 Melrose Road
Spreyton Tasmania 7310
Ph: (03) 6427 3664