Made from 100% Cherry Juice

Spreyton Fresh Cherry Vinegar is made from sweet black cherries grown on our own orchards in the pristine Mersey Valley in North West Tasmania. Spreyton Fresh Cherry Vinegar is not a cherry flavoured vinegar infusion but is made from 100% black cherry juice, this produces a wonderfully rich and full flavoured vinegar ideal for use in cooking and as a salad dressing, or as a replacement for balsamic vinegar to have with your fresh bread and Tasmanian Olive oil!

In addition to being wonderfully good to eat, cherries are one of nature’s super foods packed full of beneficial compounds including, anthocyanins, bioflavonoids, ellagic acid, Queritrin and melatonin! A cocktail of healthful goodies reputed to help reduce chronic inflammation associated with arthritis, gout, and many other health conditions while melatonin is known to promote restful sleep. As an added bonus the live bacteria in Spreyton Fresh Cherry Vinegar are reputed to be a beneficial addition to your body’s intestinal flora.

We make our vinegar using a completely natural organic process, we cold press our cherries and then ferment the resulting juice into cherry wine and then to vinegar using carefully selected strains of yeast and acetobacter bacteria to ensure we achieve a premium vinegar that has the rich consistency of a quality balsamic vinegar. We don’t use any additives or water in our vinegars and as a result the level of Acetic Acid will vary, but is typically in excess of 6%.

Once the vinegarisation process is complete the vinegar is allowed to age for up to 12 months before being bottled. Our Cherry Vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurised in order to maximise its health benefits and flavour. As a result our vinegar may contain traces of “Mother” and other settled solids, this is normal and is a sign of a quality live vinegar.

Spreyton Fresh Cherry Vinegar contains no concentrates, additives or preservatives, it is unfiltered and unpasteurised to deliver maximum flavour and health benefits.

Ingredients: Unfiltered, Unpasteurised, Naturally Brewed Cherry Vinegar, (contains traces of vinegar mother (acetobactor).



  • Cherries are one of the very low calorie fruits. Nonetheless, they are a rich source of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Both sweet as well as tart cherries are packed with numerous health benefiting compounds that are essential for wellness.

  • Cherries are pigment rich fruits. These pigments, in fact, are polyphenolic flavonoid compounds known as anthocyanin glycosides. Anthocyanins are red, purple or blue pigments found in many fruits and vegetables, especially concentrated in their skin, known to have powerful anti-oxidant properties.

  • Scientific studies have shown that anthocyanins in the cherries are found to act like anti-inflammatory drugs by blocking the actions of enzymes cyclooxygenase-1 and 2. Thus, consumption of cherries may offer potential health effects against chronic painful episodes such as gout arthritis, fibromyalgia (painful muscle condition) and sports injuries.

  • Research studies also suggest that anti-oxidant compounds in tart cherries can help the human body to fight against cancers, aging and neurological diseases, and pre-diabetes condition.

  • Cherries compose of melatonin anti-oxidant. Melatonin can cross the blood-brain barrier easily and has soothing effects on the brain neurons, calming down nervous system irritability. It, thus, can help relieve neurosis, insomnia and headache problems.

  • Further, they are also a source of zinc; and moderate sources of iron, potassium, and manganese; and good source of copper. Potassium is a heart-healthy mineral; an important component of cell and body fluids that regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

  • The fruits, especially tart cherries are exceptionally rich in health promoting flavonoid poly phenolic anti-oxidants such as lutein, zea-xanthin and beta carotene. These compounds act as protective scavengers against harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging, cancers and various disease processes.

  • Anti-inflammatory property of cherries has been found effective in reducing heart-disease risk factors through scavenging action against free radicals.

I am a qualified Naturopath and I own and manage a Wellness Clinic in Devonport, Tasmania. I recommend both the Apple and Cherry Cider Vinegar to 100% of my clients.
The feedback I receive is extremely positive and varied. Clients have reported improvement with their arthritis, gout, digestion, sleep, chronic fatigue and lowered immune symptoms. I believe cherries to be one of the best anti inflammatory foods and I personally use the Vinegar as part of my nutrition plan every day. Once clients try the vinegar for the first time, they continually return to purchase more. It simply sells itself!
I am also proud to support a local business such as Spreyton Fresh knowing that their products are 100% fresh, safe and nutritional. Spreyton Fresh adhere to the highest industry standards and their products deliver outstanding quality each and every time.
Debbie Hingston, Nurture By Nature Wellness Clinic
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