Spreyton Fresh History

Production Began - 1908

Welcome to Spreyton Fresh

Orchard production began 5 generations ago in 1908, when our Great Grandparents established one of the first apple orchards in the Mersey Valley, Spreyton. Our families have been supplying the highest quality apples and cherries to the people of Tasmania, mainland Australia and the world ever since.

Juice Production Began - 1998

Following a downturn in juice apple prices in 1997 we decided to begin juice production in 1998 to provide an alternative marketing avenue for the fresh apples grown on our family orchards.

Spreyton Fresh Wooden Fruit Bin

Tasmanian Grown Produce

Apple Juice – It takes 3 kilos of apples to make a 2 Litre bottle of Juice, taste the apples in season at the time of production.

We Produce Various Quality Fruit and Juice Products!


Spreyton Cider Co. Launched - 2011

Spreyton Cider was Launched

In 2011 it was time for the next step and Spreyton Fresh began experimenting with their first cider ferments and on the strength of those early experiments, the Spreyton Cider Co. was launched.

The company made the decision to keep the entire cider production process in-house as that was the only way to ensure that our products would be made with the quality and integrity that is central to everything we do.

In 2012 we began construction of our cider manufacturing facility and cellar door and employed a full-time cider maker. We also commenced manufacturing a range of Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Ciders and Traditional brewed Ginger Beer starting in 2022.

Spreyton Cider Company

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