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Spreyton Fresh has been supplying the highest quality apples, pears, and cherries to the people of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and the world since 1908! 4 Generations of excellence.


Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Spreyton Fresh PTY LTD

Since 2004 we have been growing all our cherries and apples using Regenerative Agriculture Practices and working towards being carbon neutral.

Regenerative Agriculture focuses on soil health, balancing soil chemistry and feeding the microbiological communities in the soil. We minimise the use of synthetic chemicals and use organic inputs including Humates, Fulvic Acid, Kelp, Fish, worm leachate & natural compost. We use targeted chemical applications when required.

This ensures the ongoing viability of not just our orchards but helps ensure food security and, also mitigate some of the increasing threats from climate change. The ultimate aim is to leave the soil in better condition for future generations.

Spreyton Fresh Cherry Harvesting

Remember when fruit juice was just that, real fruit, real juice and unreal flavour?

At Spreyton Fresh we believe that’s how juice should be. That’s why today, we make the tastiest of juice from only real fruit, just the way it should be.

Tasmania’s temperate climate produces arguably the best apples in the world, which we turn into the finest apple juice in the world. When you purchase our apple juice, you can be sure of a product containing only the best quality apples that are still crisp with good brix levels. If you wouldn’t eat them we wouldn’t juice them! Truly an apple in a bottle, no other juice compares with the taste.

Spreyton Fresh Juicy Pineapple Fruit Juice


Spreyton Fresh Juicy Aussie Oranges Fruit Juice

Aussie Oranges

Spreyton Fresh Tassie Apples and Aussie Oranges Fruit Juice

Tassie Apples
& Aussie Oranges

Spreyton Fresh Tassie Apples and Raspberries Fruit Juice

Tassie Apples
& Raspberries

Spreyton Fresh Crisp and Juicy Aussie Apple Fruit Juice

Crisp & Juicy
Tassie Apples

Our juice is made fresh every week

Our Apple Juice is 100% made from Tasmanian apples, with the majority grown on our own orchards using Regenerative Agricultural Practices. There is no filtering out of the fibre, no artificial flavours, no added water or sugar, Just Juice Pure & Simple.

We cold-press the apples just like you do when you squeeze fruit yourself. It is then micro-flash pasteurised and cold filled to retain flavour. That means we don’t cook all the goodness out of the fruit and gives a product that still tastes like fresh apples rather than stewed or cooked apples.

Spreyton Fresh Apple bin in Orchard

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